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Re: Incorrect, repeatable, unremovable "in the way" errors

From: John Nagle
Subject: Re: Incorrect, repeatable, unremovable "in the way" errors
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 23:30:43 -0800
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   Actually, I was a bit incorrect here.  The problem does seem
to go away if the sandbox is replaced.

   But the problem is induced by an incorrect timestamp on
a commit from one client, and affects other clients via the
server.  It's apparently possible to check in with a timestamp
in the future from the server's perspective, which causes
problems.  A clock inconsistency check on commit would prevent
this problem.

                                John Nagle

John Nagle wrote:
  There's a known problem with spurious "in the way" errors which survive
even removal and re-creation of the sandbox. A good description of this
problem was provided back in 2001:


Read through the discussion and note that the problem did NOT go away
after creation of a new sandbox.Nor was a satisfactory resolution to the
problem obtained. A Google search indicates about 2000 references to
problems of this nature, so it is reasonably common. The CVS documentation
does not address the issue directly.

We see this problem too, but have some insight into what is causing it.

The problem is created when a commit to a remote project is made
when the clock on the server and client are hours apart. This can occur
because the time zone was set incorrectly on the client. This seems to
create an out-of-sync condition in the repository that cannot be easily

How can this be cleaned up?

                                                           John Nagle
                                                           Team Overbot

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