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Re: cvs 1.11.10 fails to detect deletion conflict

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: Re: cvs 1.11.10 fails to detect deletion conflict
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 21:18:57 GMT

"Jim.Hyslop" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
> Paul Edwards [mailto:address@hidden wrote:
> > I came extremely close to getting my fingers burnt again
> > today.  The problem is that if we have a base, and one
> > person has modified the file, but the other person has
> > deleted that same file, when I come to do a merge, one
> > way CVS detects, the other way it is silent.
> This description does not match the sequence of steps you outlined below,
> but in any case...
> > # This script demonstrates a problem with CVS 1.11.10 when
> > # a file is deleted.  No conflict or warning is produced.
> [...]
> > cd base
> > cvs import -b 1.1.101 -ko -m "base import" tempmerge base base-1
> >
> > cd ../pvcs
> > cvs import -b 1.1.201 -ko -m "pvcs import" tempmerge pvcs pvcs-1
> It seems the lack of error message was recently introduced. At this point,
> using 1.11.5, I got an error message:
> address@hidden:$ cvs import -b 1.1.201 -ko -m "pvcs import" tempmerge pvcs
> pvcs
> -1
> C tempmerge/file.txt
> 1 conflicts created by this import.
> Use the following command to help the merge:
>         cvs checkout -j<prev_rel_tag> -jpvcs-1 tempmerge

I'm sorry, should have explained better.

If you take a look at "conflicts.txt" you can see where I
expected a warning.  There is no warning, just a
"scheduled for deletion".

The conflicts on the import are innocuous setup messages.

BFN.  Paul.

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