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Re: CVS trunk testing results

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: CVS trunk testing results
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 02:16:13 -0800

I have committed a patch that I believe will fix the problem for the
BSDI BSD/OS target... 

I wrote replacement functions for both ftello and fseeko in the lib
directory. I ended up adding ftello and fseeko into an AC_REPLACE_FUNCS
instead of using the AC_FUNC_FSEEKO macro when I couldn't get the latter
to do the right thing in the lib/Makefile.in file.

I do not understand the nature of the problem on the HP/UX target and I
do not have such a box available to me for testing. Any additional
suggestions on what to fix would be appreciated. I am not sure why
RCS_Parsercsfile_i should be throwing that error...

        -- Mark

Larry Jones <address@hidden> writes:
Subject: Re: CVS trunk testing results (BSDI BSD/OS) 

> > CVS trunk test results for Mon Dec  8 22:29:00 EST 2003
> > BSD/OS thor.sdrc.com 4.2 BSDI BSD/OS 4.2 Kernel #3: Tue Mar  4 20:50:49 EST 
> > 2003     address@hidden:/usr/src/sys/compile/THOR  i386
> >  
> > Build failed; see /u/scjones/nightlyBSD.log for details
> gcc  -g -O2  -Lno/lib -o cvs  add.o admin.o annotate.o  buffer.o checkin.o 
> checkout.o  classify.o client.o commit.o  create_adm.o cvsrc.o diff.o  edit.o 
> entries.o error.o  exithandle.o expand_path.o fileattr.o  filesubr.o 
> find_names.o hardlink.o  hash.o history.o ignore.o  import.o lock.o log.o  
> log-buffer.o login.o logmsg.o  main.o mkmodules.o modules.o  myndbm.o 
> no_diff.o parseinfo.o  patch.o rcs.o rcscmds.o  recurse.o release.o remove.o  
> repos.o root.o rsh-client.o  run.o scramble.o server.o  socket-client.o 
> status.o subr.o  tag.o update.o version.o  vers_ts.o watch.o wrapper.o  
> zlib.o   ../diff/libdiff.a  ../lib/libcvs.a  ../zlib/libz.a   
> rcs.o: In function `RCS_checkin':
> /u/scjones/cvs-nightly/src/rcs.c:5034: undefined reference to `ftello'
> rcs.o: In function `RCS_rewrite':
> /u/scjones/cvs-nightly/src/rcs.c:8302: undefined reference to `ftello'

Larry Jones <address@hidden> writes:
Subject:  Re: CVS trunk testing results (HP HP-UX)

> > Nightly test results for Mon Dec 8 22:39:09 EST 2003
> > HP-UX hp186 B.11.00 A 9000/785 2002119839 two-user license
> >  10:39pm  up 20 days,  6:42,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.01
> >  
> > /bin/sh /u/scjones/cvs-nightly/src/sanity.sh `pwd`/cvs
> > This test should produce no other output than this message, and a final 
> > "OK".
> > (Note that the test can take an hour or more to run and periodically stops
> > for as long as one minute.  Do not assume there is a problem just because
> > nothing seems to happen for a long time.)
> > FAIL: 1
> > *** Please see the `TESTS' and `check.log' files for more information.
> cvs [init aborted]: `modules,v' does not appear to be a valid rcs file
> exit status was 1
> FAIL: 1

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