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UTF-8 and ISO8859-1 interoperability problem

From: Joonas Lehtinen
Subject: UTF-8 and ISO8859-1 interoperability problem
Date: 8 Dec 2003 06:30:33 -0800

We have CVS server running Linux and using ISO8859-1 as filename
encoding (on ext2 filesystem). When I try to update directories
containing files with high-bit characters on UTF-8 system (MacOS X
10.3), it leads to this problem:

$ cvs update
$ cvs update
cvs server: Updating .
cvs update: cannot write ./Test-öä: Invalid argument

My guess is that cvs tries to create a new file using ISO8859-1
representation of the file on UTF-8 system, that fools the system to
believe that filename contains UTF-8 multibyte characters instead of
just ISO8859-1 characters.

Is there any workarounds for this? I have hundreds of files I must
checkout, but can the checkout hangs when it encounters any file with
high-bit set (ö, ä, ...). Is there a way to force cvs just to ignore
problems and continue checking out the rest of the files?

Tried cvs versions: 1.10 (came with MacOS) and 1.11.5 (binary from
fink project)

-- Joonas

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