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SSHD user-switching under Cygwin/XP (was Re: Case insensitivity ad nause

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: SSHD user-switching under Cygwin/XP (was Re: Case insensitivity ad nauseum)
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 10:12:58 -0500
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My research so far leads me to believe that the problem is that the
Local System Account does not have permission to access the drive.

When I researched this earlier, I briefly toyed with the idea of having
the SSHD run as my automated cvstest account, but this limits my testing
to that account and I can no longer run non-automated tests by hand from
my own login.  My one attempt at setting this up ran into the problem of
my personal account not having permissions to access some of SSHDs DLLs
or the like.

I quickly dismissed that approach regardless when I found some reference
to the fact that the Cygwin SSHD under Win2000 & XP (& NT?  doesn't
matter - I'm running XP) supported switching user IDs after login, but
after spending a few hours on this I decided that the existing
documentation for enabling this was incomplete or I am missing something
that would be obvious to a more experienced Windows user.

Regardless, I was hoping that some more experienced Windows/Cygwin user
might be able to give me the short list of things to check and commands
to run to get the SSHD user ID switching working under XP & Cygwin.

Incidentally, if someone can figure out how to get this working with
SSHD, and has the skills to patch CVS to do something similar under
Cygwin, that could be a handy new feature towards Windows compatibility
for CVS servers.  In theory, Windows CVS servers should now be possible
via Cygwin's `cygrunsrv' or its `inetd' port, but it sounds like there
are still hoops CVS would need to jump through to enable user switching.



David Wood wrote:

>Is the problem that you're not sure how to get the network drive into the
>sshd filesystem root? Or that when you try to that it fails?
>If it were the latter, it would be reminiscent of a similar problem I had
>trying to get apache to serve files from a network drive on Windows XP. We
>found that the Local System Account that the apache service ran under by
>default did not have permissions to access the drive.
>If you were having trouble with it, you might look into what user the sshd
>process is running as, and whether that user has permission to access the
>address@hidden wrote on 11/26/2003
>02:25:14 PM:
>>Hash: SHA1
>>I settled on a compromise for the nonce.  I fixed the latest case
>>insensitivity bug I knew of in 1.11.x and removed case insensitivity
>>support from feature entirely.  I've also added some tests of behavior
>>involving heterogeneous combinations of case sensitive and case
>>insensitive clients and servers to both branches though I've yet to get
>>it set up for nightly testing (if anyone knows how to get Cygwin sshd to
>>allow access to a mounted Samba share via its login shell, I could use
>>some assistance).
>>Since things look stable without case insensitivity support, I will
>>probably remove support from stable too if any new bugs crop up.
>>I'll probably roll a new release early next week.
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Email: address@hidden

Get CVS support at <http://ximbiot.com>!
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