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Re: Problems with SSH on Windows

From: Dewey M. Sasser
Subject: Re: Problems with SSH on Windows
Date: 30 Mar 2003 11:25:50 -0500
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Derek Robert Price <address@hidden> writes:

> > Allen Unueco wrote:

> >> Why does this need to happen for Windows?  SSH on Linux also has
> >> this same prompt and cvs works fine with it.

> I'm not sure what the issue with Windows is.  On UNIX, SSH finds and
> grabs the user's tty, bypassing any intermediate parent processes
> entirely and avoiding the issue.

> Windows has no equivalent of TTYs as far as I know.  If the writers of
> PuTTY aren't trying to keep their command lines and GUIs seperate, a
> pop-up password request box might work, but you'll have to deal with
> PuTTY's developers on that one.

Another option is to install cygwin.  I use the cygwin ssh client with
both cygwin's CVS port *and* the CVS client from cvsnt.org.  It has no
problem prompting for password or passphrase when invoked via CVS.

I also use the TortoiseCVS client (Windows explorer extension) with
PuTTY on Windows -- Tortoise handles the prompting with a pop-up.

If you start using the cygwin ssh I have a few shell scripts which
make sharing the ssh agent between different sessions very easy.

Dewey M. Sasser <address@hidden>

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