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Autoconf issues

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Autoconf issues
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 00:05:47 -0500
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Hey all,

I finally decided to work on converting sanity.sh to use Autotest like I've been talking about for a year or so now. When I'm done, we should have a much more aesthetically pleasing and easier to edit test suite. Anyhow, it turned out that Autotest didn't have all the functionality I needed to duplicate the current behavior of sanity.sh, so I checked in a bunch of changes to Autoconf and will be checking in more, but that means that I'll have to set up the CVS trunk to use an unreleased version of Autoconf again until my changes get released.

I'll be happy to provide the Autoconf snapshot on cvshome.org as a tarball and probably RPMs, but this might be a little more complicated than it used to be since CVS 1.11.5 would remain dependent on Autoconf 2.53 and anyone working on both versions of CVS would need both versions of Autoconf installed. I have a script that, when sourced, sets env vars to use an autoconf distribution which hasn't been installed, but it's still an extra step. Any comments?

It won't happen right away. I'll check in the new tests on a branch first since I'll probably want to update the dev Autoconf several times until I settle on a version which won't change until the next autoconf release.



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