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cvs checkout -d & Max-dotdot

From: John Daniel Doucette
Subject: cvs checkout -d & Max-dotdot
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 08:40:42 -0400

Hello all,

I have been doing development on a project for a couple of years and have been using CVS to control source. Up to now all repository access has been on my local machine, i.e. :local:... I am required to move the repository to a Linux server, and make it available to the company's LAN using the :pserver: client/server protocol. I have moved the repository successfully, and can access it from different XP/Win200 machines. However, the repository contains hundreds of versions of makefiles that use the -d <path> option with the checkout command to check out sources in other than the current directory. I.e. there are many lines with commands like "cvs checkout -d ../../../stuff". This apparently doesn't work between client/server. An actual error message I get is:

mkdir: created directory `../../../../../top/middle/bottom/working'
cvs server: protocol error: `../../../../../top/middle/bottom/working' contains more leading ..
cvs [server aborted]: than the 0 which Max-dotdot specified

Is this a server bug or client bug? It seems like a client bug, since checkout -d should only affect the destination of the checked out files on the client machine, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the repository path of the modules being checked out. I can easily change references in the latest versions of all makefiles to use a cd ../../../../.. followed by checkout, but this doesn't really help me if someone wants to build a old version. I can't feasibly change all versions of the makefiles! I have found reference in the CVS client/server protocol documentation to "Requests" that can be made of the server. One of the requests is the Max-dotdot option. What would happen if I used Telnet to send this request to the server with a reasonable value after I have logged in and before I have checked out and run my makefile? Would the Max-dotdot value "stick around" after the telnet communication and be applied when I run the makefile? Does anyone know what this theorized telnet session would look actually like? The cvs client/server protocol documentation is not super clear to me. On the Linux Red Hat box I am running: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.1p1 (client/server). On my PC I am running: Concurrent Versions System (CVSNT) (Build 72) (client/server). Are there any environment variables or command-line options that can be added to the xinetd.d/cvspserver service file to affect it's Max-dotdot setting? Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

John Daniel Doucette, Sr. Software Designer

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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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