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Re: Bug (maybe) with temporary directory

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Bug (maybe) with temporary directory
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 12:12:50 -0500 (EST)

Scott C. Sosna writes:
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> The install notes say that the temporary directories checked for RWX
> permissions are $TMPDIR, $TMP,  $TEMP, /tmp, /var/tmp.  I do not believe
> that is the case.

Your belief is mistaken, you have significantly misunderstood that text.
When you run configure, it checks those directories in order.  The first
one it finds that exists and that *the user running configure* has RWX
permissions on, it uses as the final default temporary directory.

When you actually run CVS, the process followed is completely different:
if the -T global option has been specified, that directory is used
(reguardless of whether any particular user has any particular
permissions on it).  If not and the $TMPDIR environment variable is set,
then that directory is used (again, reguardless of permissions).  If all
else fails, then the default directory determined by configure is used. 

The correct solution is to specify the -T global option on the CVS
command line in your [x]inetd configuration or to set $TMPDIR correctly.
You may want to investigate eliminating (or resetting) the misleading
environment variables in any case lest they break any scripts that you
end up running from CVS.

-Larry Jones

Ever notice how tense grown-ups get when they're recreating? -- Calvin

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