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patch for "cache repository" feature

From: Sergey Babkin
Subject: patch for "cache repository" feature
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 21:22:50 -0500


I've implemented a "cache repository" feature for CVS and I wonder
whether you would be interested in is inclusion into the official
release. If you do, I'll write the additions to the man pages etc.

Here is the short description:

The idea is to support a "cache" repository (the one copied to a local
machine by CVSup or CTM) transparently. So that the reads from 
directory will go from the local cache repository (and won't 
overstrain the remote server, and will be fast too), while the 
commits and other changes will go into the remote master repository.

A similar thing may be achieved by checking the files out from the local
repository and doing any modification command with option -d. But that's
troublesome and inconvenient. (This is what the people from the 
FreeBSD project seem to do often).

This patch allows to define the following configuration:

# so far everything is as usual
export CVS_RSH=Hssh1
export address@hidden:/home/ncvs
# this is new
export CVSROOTCACHE=/arch/cacheroot

The value specified in CVSROOTCACHE is the local path to the cache
repository. All the check-outs, updates, diffs etc. will be obtained 
from there.  All the check-ins, tagging etc. will go into the master 
repository specified by CVSROOT. Naturally, to see these changes
in the cache repository, it needs to be updated by some outside
means such as CVSup or CTM.
The patch and (the same) description is available from 

The patch was made from cvs-1.11.2 with ipv6 patches applied.


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