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Intermittent CVS file corruption with 1.11.5

From: Joseph Lung
Subject: Intermittent CVS file corruption with 1.11.5
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 09:01:44 -0800

We upgraded the CVS server from 1.10.8 to 1.11.5 and then started encountering 
intermittent file corruption.  The file corruption resulted in 15 or 16 bytes 
of data being overwritten in apparently random places in the repository files.  
CVS operations being performed when the corruption occurred include "cvs 
commit" and "cvs tag".  We have subsequently backed out the 1.11.5 installation 
and have seen no further corruption.  Prior to installing 1.11.5, we were 
running 1.10.8 for about a year and a half without any problem.

More information about the configuration:

   Server:  Linux 6.2

   Repository:  NFS mounted from a NetApps 6.2R2
      (the only place this file system is mounted from is the CVS Server 

   :pserver: access is being used.

   Client systems:   Multiple flavors of Unix systems and Windows running
      1.10.7, 1.10.8, 1.11.1p1, 1.11.5, and others.  No client operations
      are performed from the server machine.

   We have the James Cavanaugh Commitinfo patch applied (provides branch
      names to the commitinfo scripts).

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