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Re: adding a new CVS_PID environment variable

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: adding a new CVS_PID environment variable
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 22:46:23 -0800

Derek Robert Price <address@hidden> writes:

> Maybe.  You're convincing me that you are determined, but I'm still
> not convinced that it is really so hard to find/set it in a child
> script. Even if it can be set from a child, convenience can be an
> argument if there is a widespread demand for the feature, but is use
> really so widespread?  Maybe we can get some BSD folks to chime in
> with opinions? Is there an appropriate email list to CC?  I'd be
> interested in hearing some other opinions from CVS users too.

Good question. Most cvs stuff I have seen over there was raised in the
freebsd-questions mailing list... but then I am not a heavy subscriber
to those lists at present. Peter Wemm has done most of the last merges
of cvs releases into the FreeBSD tree, so I suppose you could ask him
for a good forum on the FreeBSD side of the house.

For now, I'll just consider the CVS_PID feature to be on hold. Should I
file an issue to hold the latest version of the patch in case anyone
wants it?

        -- Mark

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