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Re: code submission

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: code submission
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 16:26:34 -0500
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Samson Chan wrote:

Hi Derek,

 Thanks for the info.  I will look into it.

I just want a quick discussion on my changes, and see if it should be
patched to the existing repository.  My changes all started because the
GUI client WinCvs fails to (graphically) display the results of a query
update.  All it does is print out the text results from running the cvs
executable.  I want the results (C, M, U) to also display as icons in
the explorer section of the GUI application.  The current behavior with
CVS is that it does not log the query status.  So I've decided change
the code to log the status.  However, if I changed the log format in
Entries, existing repositories using the old CVS will not work.  This is
not good.  I've decided to replicate Entries with an Entries.Gui file.
The Entries.Gui is very similar to Entries except that the first
character in each line may contain the query status letter. So GUI
clients can scan this Entries.Gui file and pick up the query status, and
display it on the screen.  I know there are plugins for GUI clients that
does that, but I think it's nice to have native support by CVS, so every
GUI clients can use it, rather than having the clients parse CVS
outputs.  It also allows expansion if the clients require more info, and
won't interrupt the existing flow of CVS for non-GUI users.

This seems like the wrong way to go about this.

First of all, old CVS clients will _not_ choke on an Entries file with extra data on a line after the last /, but they _will_ delete the extra info if they rewrite the entry record.

Second of all, shouldn't the GUI just be parsing the CVS output? Status change frequently anyhow, so what's the difference if the GUI has to notice a timestamp change, then run cvs update, then parse the Entries.GUI file or if it has to notice the timestamp change, then run cvs update, then parse the CVS output?

Adding GUI support to the command line seems like bloat to me.



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