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From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM feature
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 13:04:47 -0500
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

Derek Robert Price <address@hidden> writes:
Still, it shouldn't hurt to allow both an env variable and a command
line option to set this.

Right. Having an environment variable is orthogonal to command-line

That said, it might be 'interesting' to have a way to have the .cvsrc
file use per CVSROOT settings for options. This would allow a user to
always add the CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM command-line equivalents for the
repositories that they are using that are mirrors of a master.

As I said, I think it needs more work for design and choice of command
line switches. We also need to see what code paths go thru the
RCS_magicrev() function. I think it will end up being just the 'cvs
commit' command (espeically for a new file on a branch) and the 'cvs
tag' and 'cvs rtag' commands to create the new branch in the first

Ah. That's a good point. I hadn't considered multiple repository mirrors being used by the same user yet. Via pserver access and inetd or xinetd, a user could configure different ports per repository and thus change the CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM content.

Perhaps it is better to leave local mode to a script which could be distributed in contrib or with CVSup which would change the env var dependant on the CVSROOT.

Even better, back to the CVSROOT/config option, can CVSup be configured to ignore updates to a single file, such as CVSROOT/config in order to allow mirrors to maintain their own configuration? This might be the most sensible approach and just might be doable now (with the addition of the CVSROOT/config option to CVS).



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