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Win32 client fails with "cvs [checkout aborted]: reading from se rver:

From: Libera, Klaus
Subject: Win32 client fails with "cvs [checkout aborted]: reading from se rver: Socket operation on non-socket"
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 12:44:56 +0100

I compiled cvs-1-11-5 from source and run it on a Win2000 machine
with the ":server:" access method.
Every checkout ends (although the checkout itself was performed) with the
error message
  cvs [checkout aborted]: reading from server: Socket operation on

I then compiled cvs-1-11-1p1 which worked well without error messages.

Investigation of the cvs-1-11-5 source code showed the following results:

The operation 'socket_buffer_shutdown' (file ./src/client.c) is called at
the end of a checkout.
It contains the following lines:

      else if (buf->output)
      { /* shutdown() socket */
        /* FIXME:  Should have a SHUTDOWN_SERVER_INPUT &
       if (current_parsed_root->method == server_method)
           SHUTDOWN_SERVER (n->socket);
    # endif
         if (shutdown (n->socket, 1) < 0)
          error (1, 0, "shutting down server socket: %s", SOCK_STRERROR

I.e. It calls 'SHUTDOWN_SERVER(n->socket)' instead of 'shutdown(n->socket,
1)' because the file
./windows-NT/config.h contains the line
#define SHUTDOWN_SERVER wnt_shutdown_server

Afterwards operation socket_buffer_input (file ./src/client.c) is called
which reads from the socket.

But this fails because the operation wnt_shutdown_server (file
has already shut down the socket competely for reading and writing.

I solved the problem by deleting the line '#define SHUTDOWN_SERVER
from ./windows-NT/config.h , but there may be better ways.


Klaus Libera

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