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Re: CVS 1.11p1 build under Solaris 7 (RETSIGTYPE)

From: Jeff Blaine
Subject: Re: CVS 1.11p1 build under Solaris 7 (RETSIGTYPE)
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 11:43:37 -0400

> Then either some other (system) header file is redefining it or the
> compiler is broken.  You might try ``gcc -Wall'' to see if that will
> point out the culprit; otherwise, you'll probably have to use ``cc -E''
> to get the preprocessor output and examine it by hand.  It works just
> fine with Sun's C compiler, by the way.

Sun's C compiler?

As I know it, Sun's C compiler is Forte 6.1 SUNWspro, which used to be
named Sun Workshop.

Forte 6.1's 'cc' is what I used (in addition to GNU CC) to try to compile
it...with the same exact result.

What "Sun C compiler" are you referring to that appears to work?

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