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Re: VMS (alpha) compile problems in 1.11.1

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: VMS (alpha) compile problems in 1.11.1
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 11:47:30 -0400

Mike Marciniszyn wrote:

> The 1.11.1 version of CVS will not compile in VMS alpha.
> The attached diffs fix the following problems:
> build.com - correct name of build .com for zlib
> build_diff.com - turn on verify to get a better trace of the DCL
> diff/diff3.c - Compiler warning.  The VMS read rval is ssize_t (signed).
> The VMS size_t appears to be unsigned.
> diff/io.c - Compiler warning (ssize_t)
> build_lib.com - verify
> lib/getdate.[yc] - more the include of xtime.h out from underneath the ifdef
> so that it is always included.
> src/build_src.com - add annotate.c/annotate.obj,verify, correct zlib name
> src/patch.c - VMS time_t appears to be unsigned.   Add a cast when testing
> for (time_t)-1
> src/subr.c - #else,#endif for no symlinks should be moved.
> vms/build_vms.com - verify
> vms/filesubr.c - cut/paste 1.11.1 cvs_temp_file, cvs_temp_name from
> src/filesubr.c.   Include assert.h so that assert's work.
> The system is running:
> OpenVMS V7.2-1
> Compaq C V6.2-006 on OpenVMS Alpha V7.2-1

I committed this patch.


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