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loginfo problems with file names with spaces or commas - patch to fix.

From: Gianni Mariani
Subject: loginfo problems with file names with spaces or commas - patch to fix.
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 18:21:58 -0800

I'm trying to use a loginfo filter to create a database of change sets.  However, I am having problems coming up with a deterministic way of parsing the strings.
I have attached a patch which I submit to fix this - this patch adds 2 new loginfo format options. 'e' which is an escaped version of 's' and a 'T' format which is an escaped version of the branch tag.  I added 'e' instead of fixing 's' since it's important to keep the exact existing functionality for existing scripts.  The 'T' output is also escaped since "\" chars are allowed in tag names and it keeps things consistant.
So, should I go with the patch or is there an easier way to do this ?  I want to populate a database with all the information I get from the loginfo filter.  I need to deal properly with file names containing anything the OS allows.  This will be used by an application that will allow the manipulation of change-sets, applying different change-sets to different branches etc.  However, I need to capture the information to begin with.
I have tested the patch with files containing spaces and commas.

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