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BeOS's CVS bug

From: Fernando Lopez
Subject: BeOS's CVS bug
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 12:58:55 +0200

Hi I'm writting a CVS tutrorial for a spanish language BeOS developers  
comunity at www.beprogramadores.org, and I was probing CVS 1.10.8 (the  
last version) for BeOS who I got at www.geekgadgets.org and there is a  
bug acording to Per Cederqvist tutorial because he told at section10  
than CVS support reserved checkout with admin -l option who make read  
onlu the file to the rest of the users (as RCS does) but altougth it  
aparently work: 
$ cvs admin -l config.cpp 
RCS file: /boot/home/repositoriocvs/gnu/guavac/config.cpp,v 
1.3 locked 
When I got this file from another sandbox it's read-write 
I have probe -L and -U option but I could not do it correctly. 
Greeting: Fernando 

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