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Re: Can't commit added file on a branch

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Can't commit added file on a branch
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 15:02:43 -0500 (EST)

Stephen Rasku writes:
> Why doesn't it just map to the directory in the repository?  The 
> directory should always come from the same place.  Why can't it use 
> that directory?

*Which* directory in the repository?!?  Consider the following module

        mymod -d top/mid/bot dir/sub

Now when you checkout mymod, CVS creates a working directory ./top that
contains ./top/mid and ./top/mid/bot.  It's clear that ./top/mid/bot
maps to $CVSROOT/dir/sub, but it's not at all clear what respository
directory ./top and ./top/mid should map to:  Does ./top map to
$CVSROOT/top, or does ./top/mid map to $CVSROOT/top?  Whichever you
pick, what does the other map to then?  CVS up through 1.11 refuses to
answer these questions and maps both ./top and ./top/mid to Emptydir

A number of people have objected to this behavior, especially when the
-d option has the same number of levels as the specified repository
directory and thus there's a fairly obvious mapping, so the current
development version of CVS has been changed to do a bottom-up mapping. 
For this example, it would map ./top/mid/bot to $CVSROOT/dir/sub,
./top/mid to $CVSROOT/dir, and ./top to $CVSROOT.  If there were more
levels in the -d option, the higher levels would still be mapped to

-Larry Jones

Temporary insanity!  That's all it was! -- Calvin

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