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FanPageGuide is looking for guides

From: shahriar
Subject: FanPageGuide is looking for guides
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 09:13:53 +0100

Dear "The Suspects" fan,

FanPageGuide is looking for webmasters for webmasters for our so-called 
'guides' at www.FanPageGuide.com, a community of guides about singers, bands, 
models, athletes and movie stars. In addition to other fan portals FanPageGuide 
is build by fans for fans. An example of a FanPageGuide you can find at 

While visiting your website at http://cvsbook.red-bean.com/cvsbook.html we 
thought that it might be interesting for you to maintain for instance the 
http://suspects.fanpageguide.com guide about The Suspects.

If you are interested in maintaining a guide you can apply at 
http://www.fanpageguide.com/signup/checkname.cgi?guide=suspects after which we 
will provide you with the necessary links for modifying and launching the 
guide. Within the guide you will have disposal over one of the banner 
locations, which you can fill in or sell according to your own preference.

We hope to welcome you as a guide webmaster soon!

Shahriar Golyardi
Content Manager FanPageGuide

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