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Re: Official sources vs. RCVS

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Official sources vs. RCVS
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 18:22:22 -0500

"Cameron, Steve" wrote:

> I wrote:
>          [...]
> >  Derek Price wrote:
> >
> >       Okay, it applied and compiled fine, but I've already found a bug:
> > if
> >       the executable can find the tag in val-tags, it won't provide an
> > error
> >       when the specified tag doesn't exist in a file.In the above case, it

[. . .]

>                with either the patched or unpatched cvs 1-11, so
>                 I think it's working right after all, or at least just as
>                 right as 1.11 does.   Or am I still missing something?.

Hmm.  Yep.  Not sure what I was thinking when I wrote the above, but this
behavior does become confusing in the case when the non-existant tag is the
compound of a static tag and ".origin".  I think it would be easy for a user to
expect that statictag.origin would return the origin of the branch that the
static tag is on (it doesn't - it's returnning empty...).   This ties into the
non-specific error message I mentioned earlier.  Perhaps this behavior should
simply be forbidden?  If we want a way to specify the parent branch, an extra
magic tag, say, '.parent', could be added.

     address@hidden garbage]$ cvs log -t File1

     RCS file: /cvsroot/garbage/File1,v
     Working file: File1
     head: 1.1
     locks: strict
     access list:
     symbolic names:
      br3_base: 1.1
     keyword substitution: kv
     total revisions: 4

     address@hidden garbage]$
     ../ccvs-trunkorigin/src/cvs -d:fork:/cvsroot diff -pr1.1 File1
     address@hidden garbage]$
     ../ccvs-trunkorigin/src/cvs -d:fork:/cvsroot diff
     -prbr3_endpoint.origin File1
     Index: File1
     RCS file: File1
     diff -N File1
     --- /dev/null Thu Aug 24 05:00:32 2000
     +++ /tmp/cvsuKIh9c Tue Jan 30 18:13:29 2001
     @@ -0,0 +1 @@
     +ECHO is on.


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