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bug in cvs1.11; can't checkout back into a wroking directory right after

From: Arturas V
Subject: bug in cvs1.11; can't checkout back into a wroking directory right after import
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 18:31:12 -0500

If anyone is interested in this, CVS (1.11 on SunOS5.6) has a "feature", which prevents it from checking out files back into the working directory, after they were just freshly checked in (imported). That is provided if working directory is more than 1 level deep ( has at least one subdirectory). Here are details:

Let's say I created a test directory containing a file a.h and a subdirectory subdir with yet another file b.h :
ls test
a.h subdirectory

then I do import :
cvs import -m "" test one two
I test/CVS
N test/a.h
cvs import: Importing /home/cvsroot/test/subdir
U test/subdir/b.h

Then, when I try to check it out into the same subdirectory test: I got
cvs checkout test
cvs checkout: Updating test
U test/a.h
? test/subdir

It fails to recognize subdirectory and fails to proceed. The content of
CVS/Entries file is:
/a.h/ Jan 25 23:10:16 2001//
It looks like cvs fails to check out subdirectory if it's already exists.
One can ask who would in his sober mind would try to check out files back into the working directory. I would not do it myself, unfortunately most popular cvs Adds-on GUI, tkCVS, does exactly that. It checks files right back and fails to do it.
good luck to whoever would want to fix it. and thanx!
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