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CR/LF problem again

From: Peter Björklund
Subject: CR/LF problem again
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 11:19:53 +0100

I'm having problem with CR/LF.
I work with source-files on Linux and Windoze and run the CVS server on Linux. The sourcefiles are created on both platforms and are checked out and commited on both platforms.
The problem is that CVS thinks that the source-files differ because sometimes the file will contain CRLF and sometimes just LF.
Please fix this - this is very annoying!!
The sane way to handle this would be for the CVS server to filter out CR completely when commited!
Let the CVS clients on Windoze have an option for inserting a CR before every LF received from CVS server!
Most tools on Windoze can handle the single LF line-breaks anyway, so that isn't a big issue.
Please help me with this problem!
Best Regards,
Peter Bjorklund
Lead Programmer
The Game Studio Sweden

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