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missing server-files in working directory during commit

From: Wolf-Dieter Fink
Subject: missing server-files in working directory during commit
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 15:13:00 +0100

in our company i prefer the CVS / WinCvs combination to manage the SourceCode.
Versions are cvs 1.10.5 and 1.11-1.i686.rpm on a RedHat6.2 and a WinCvs 1.1b16 
on NT.

The problem is also if I use Linux-Linux CVS with the actual version.

To do file-copy directly to our intranet, or whatever, i wrote a shell-script 
that can called whit aentry in the loginfo-file.
In that case normaly the files are in a working directory under /tmp, the name 
and fileinfos i read from STDIN.

So that works perfectly
if a line is inserted with RCS keywords it will no longer working.

for example:

---- work.sh
# testfile
echo testfile

----- nowork.sh
# $Id$
# testfile
echo testfile nowork

if I add and commit these files and display the working directory during commit 
the problem occour....

I hope my description is clear and the bug is fixed ........

Greetings from
Wolf-Dieter Fink

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