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temp file patch for cvs

From: Olaf Kirch
Subject: temp file patch for cvs
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 11:41:05 +0100


The people at Immunix recently scanned all of RedHat 7.0 for
temp file problems and found some in CVS (among many others).

I'm currently testing a patch for this problem; the current
patch is attached.

What the patch does is

 -      define CVS_SAFE_FOPEN and safe_fopen to create
        temp files safely (i.e. using O_EXCL). This is still
        subject to denial of service, but at least it's safe :)
 -      Checked all calls to cvs_temp_name(), and made sure
        that the resulting file is opened using safe_fopen()
        In most cases this was straightforward, but on several
        occasions RCS_checkout is called, and I went through
        RCS_checkout to make sure the file is created safely
        (this part of the patch may need special attention
        to make sure it's okay)

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