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Re: "notify" file

From: Tomás Velek
Subject: Re: "notify" file
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 10:23:27 +0100

I thank everyone who have send me the answers, but I still don't know, how
to get to know, what I want to know.
Is there a simple way, how to inform the other users about my commit. I'd
like the other users to get email, that contain names of the commit files
and who who were they commited.
To achieve this this I'd prefer 'notify' file, that will run extern mailing
program (in my case 'postie.exe', that I found on internet). I'd like use
the 'notify' file for every user to choose whether to receive email
notification or not (with help Watch add command).
If it is possible, please give me advice. Minutely, if you can.
I'd be very obliged to you.

P.S. I supposed, that I only write one line to 'notify' file to right
working on NT server. For examle:

ALL postie -to:%s -msg:"Parameters, which I ask you"

Is possible it?


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