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Re: "notify" file

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: "notify" file
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2000 15:44:17 -0500

Tomas Velek wrote:

> Hello,
>   I want to inform other about commit. To do it I use the "notify"
> file and the external file, which send the informative mail to people
> in "users" file. After commit all people receive the mail, it is
> right. But this mail must contains the names of commited files and I
> can not reach it.
>   In "loginfo" file is possible to use %{sVv} parameter, but it does
> not work in "notify" file.
>   I need to solve it very necessarily, please help
> I'm using WinNT server, clients Win9x with WinCVS 1.1b16

I've seen a few requests lately for this kind of thing so I thought
I would send out a reminder that there's a patch against 1.11 (NOT the
NT version) which provides some hooks to pass new information through
the *info files at
http://alumni.engin.umich.edu/~oberon/ccvs.newfmtstrings.1-11.diff .

Theres the same code plus a new *info hook for filtering an rcsinfo
template _before_ the user sees it in an editor at
http://alumni.engin.umich.edu/~oberon/ccvs.tmpltfilterinfo.final.diff ,
but it's incomplete.  The filter is currently running on the client and
should be running on the server.

There have been a few discussions lately about this kind of thing as
well, including one that suggested always providing all available
information for a hook in environment variables, similar to CGI, but I'm
not sure now that this patch isn't a better solution since it should be
harder to accidentally fill up a child's environment memory since an
administrator could pare the args going to a script when they _didn't_
want all the data.  Of course, maybe some sort of pipe to squirt all the
data through as XML would be even better than that but I'm not sure I
understand all the issues here.


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I will not say "Springfield" just to get applause.
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