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Re: CVS 1.11 RISC OS port

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: CVS 1.11 RISC OS port
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2000 14:01:26 -0500

John Tytgat wrote:

> In message <address@hidden>
>           John Tytgat <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Sorry to be that pushy but is there anything I can do to help you with this
> > issue ?
> Derek,
> How can we proceed with the RISC OS CVS port ? Are there any open issues
> left of which I can contribute too ?

Sorry I didn't respond to your last email, but I've been keeping busy and this
didn't seem a high priority with the time it's probably going to take me to
review the code.  I'm still keeping it in mind, but bug fixes and some other
ongoing issues usually seem more urgent to me.

You're welcome to attempt to get some more attention from someone other than
myself on bug-cvs or info-cvs.  I usually send issues I expect to interest
primarily developers to bug-cvs.

The idea of supporting a wider user base is certainly appealing, but some logic
says that there is at least certainly no harm in making you support the RISCOS
CVS and distribute it to your customers for some period of time until it becomes
apparent that most of the bugs are worked out and that there is some demand so
that our handful of developers isn't stuck attempting to support and maintain
code we have no means of testing.  CVS's 'import' command should automate much
of this work for you.

If the changes were more minor, say a few additions to configure.in and a few
switches in source files, it would be easier, but you've asked me to include a
large amount of code I have no way of testing.

I may be unaware of the wide appeal and usage of RISCOS, but I've never heard of
it before hearing of it from you.  Again, feel free to open a discussion on one
of the mailing lists and perhaps get a clamor going.  One of my, and I believe
many the other CVS developers', goals is to keep CVS useful and appealing
(within its scope) to the widest possible audience.  In this case I still
believe that means going for some of the bug fixes and enhancements I'm already
aware of or can do quickly before dealing further with this.

Again, my apologies, and I will attempt to review and at least comment again on
your code in the next few weeks in case that is helpful to you, but until I know
more about the appeal of RISCOS, developers who will support the RISCOS CVS
port, and possibly other CVS developers opinions on the matter, this is not a
high priority for me as there are many other demands on my time.


Derek Price                      CVS Solutions Architect ( http://CVSHome.org )
mailto:address@hidden     OpenAvenue ( http://OpenAvenue.com )
In matters of style, swim with the current; In matters of principal, stand like
a rock.
                        - Thomas Jefferson

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