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Re: Can't delete and re-add same file

From: Stephen Rasku
Subject: Re: Can't delete and re-add same file
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 09:41:33 -0800 (PST)

Larry Jones wrote:
>Stephen Rasku writes:
>> $ mv umoproc.cpp umoproc.cpp.save
>> $ cvs rm
>> cvs remove: Removing .
>> cvs remove: file `Makefile.pkg' still in working directory
>> cvs remove: scheduling `umoproc.cpp' for removal
>> cvs remove: use 'cvs commit' to remove this file permanently
>> cvs remove: 1 file exists; remove it first
>> $ mv umoproc.cpp.save umoproc.cpp
>> $ cvs add umoproc.cpp
>> cvs add: umoproc.cpp should be removed and is still there (or is 
>> again)
>That's the way it's supposed to work.  When you've removed a file and
>haven't committed the removal, doing a ``cvs add'' resurrects the 
>from the repository, which it can't do in this case because there's
>another file in the way.  Either do a commit before the mv or do the 
>after the add.

OK, it may make sense to resurrect the file if it isn't there. But if 
a file exists when you re-add it, wouldn't it make sense to just use 
the current file?  It seems contradictory to have to add a new file 
but to remove a file that is already in the repository.  In any case 
the error message doesn't explain what's going on in a clear manner.  
A message like:

cvs add: Tried to resurrect umoproc.cpp from repository but another 
copy is in the way

or something like that.

Stephen Rasku                   E-mail: address@hidden
Senior Software Engineer        Web:    http://www.tgivan.com/
TGI Technologies                        http://www.pop-star.net/

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