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Re: [Bug-cssc] [bug #57689] POSIX accepts spaces in get -r

From: Joerg Schilling
Subject: Re: [Bug-cssc] [bug #57689] POSIX accepts spaces in get -r
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2020 11:49:22 +0100
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Bogdan Barbu <address@hidden> wrote:

> Details:
> Although I believe the original SCCS implementation was compatible with CSSC,
> POSIX mandates that spaces work for the -r option in the "get" utility in
> situations like the following:
> get -r 1.1 s.foo.c
> This should be a simple fix so I thought I'd report it.

Mmm, the web interface for the savannah bugtracking does not allow to enter new 

The only difference between the AT&T get(1) and the POSIX variant is that it 
behaves slightly different when there is no release prior to the specified 
date. Also -r always needs a parameter, which is not required for the original 
version. Check $INSBASE/xpg4/bin/get for the POSIX compile variant of the 
original SCCS implementation.

The historic versions did not use getopt() and needed the -r argument to be 
connected to -r.

For the SVr4 version (called SCCS-5.0), SCCS was converted to use getopt() and
since then permits a separated SID argument.

Check the original SCCS get man page at:


BTW: CSSC is not fully compatible to SCCS:

-       CSSC chokes with serial numbers > 30000 which is not the case for the 
        original SCCS since at least 43 years, when SCCS-4.0 was released. 
        If you approach the 30000 delta limit in CSSC, it becomes slower than 
        SCCS is with millions of deltas in a single history file. Maybe this
        is a result o the high memory consumption with CSSC.

-       While SCCS intentionally leaves room for future history file format
        extensions and even retains such extensions in case that such a
        history file is modified using admin(1), delta(1), or similar, CSSC
        rejects extended history files. This is a problem since such extensions
        already exist.

        See http://sccs.sourceforge.net/man/sccsfile.4.html for an explanation
        on where the SCCS history file format intentionally leaves room for 

Check http://sccs.sourceforge.net/ for more information. Frequent development 
snapshots are alwasy in the schilytools tarball, see 


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    address@hidden (work) Blog: http://schily.blogspot.com/
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