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bug#61035: [PATCH] cp: improve help regarding ACLs

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: bug#61035: [PATCH] cp: improve help regarding ACLs
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 12:42:57 -0800
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On 2023-01-25 01:24, Ondrej Valousek wrote:
For --preserve[=ATTR_LIST] the usage message says "preserve the specified 
attributes (default: mode,ownership,timestamps), if possible additional
attributes: context, links, xattr,"
Yes, but that's nothing about ACLs. The aim of this patch is to clarify the 
current behavior which might not be obvious

So how about if we change "context, links, xattr" to "ACLs, context, links, xattr"? That's shorter.

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