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bug#60981: Bug in man page for the "test" command

From: Kaulkwappe
Subject: bug#60981: Bug in man page for the "test" command
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2023 01:15:19 +0100

Dear colleagues,

this might have been reported before (or not), but there is a confusing 
description in the man page of the "test command:

  FILE exists

  FILE exists and is a symbolic link (same as -h)


The problem here is the situation of a broken symlink. When flag -e is used on 
a broken symbolic link, it fails. But when -L is used on a broken symlink, it 
returns true.

While this may be the expected behavior, it does not reflect what the 
documentation says. Because if -e fails on a broken symlink ("FILE exists") one 
would assume that the same of course is true for -L. The correct description 
for -L should be:

  FILE exists or is valid symbolic link

  FILE is a symbolic link, whether broken or not (same as -h)


Kind Regards,

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