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bug#35926: mv: more informative overwrite prompt

From: Shriramana Sharma
Subject: bug#35926: mv: more informative overwrite prompt
Date: Mon, 27 May 2019 17:29:17 +0530

This is a wishlist item.

Currently, the following happens:

$ touch baa moo
$ mv -i moo baa
mv: overwrite 'baa'?

I request that the prompt also provide the source path such as in:

mv: overwrite 'baa' with 'moo'?

This is especially useful in the case of executing scripts where a
loop is processing many moves, and one cannot know the source file by
reading the previous line of the session.

Shriramana Sharma ஶ்ரீரமணஶர்மா श्रीरमणशर्मा 𑀰𑁆𑀭𑀻𑀭𑀫𑀡𑀰𑀭𑁆𑀫𑀸

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