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bug#35531: problem with ls in coreutils

From: Viktors Berstis
Subject: bug#35531: problem with ls in coreutils
Date: Thu, 2 May 2019 16:12:52 -0700
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My machine has 64GB of ram, 6 core 3.5ghz processor and fast disks.
The directory in question has 57,600 files in it with a total size of about 47gb. On a freshly booted machine (nothing cached),  "dir /on dirname | wc" takes about 6 seconds.  The second time it takes about 2 seconds. On a freshly booted machine, "ls -U -1 dirname | wc" takes 5 minutes 48 seconds!  A second time it is about a minute less. ls might be doing something akin to opening every file.  If I run a program to actually open and read every file in that directory, the system seems to cache it all in ram.  Then the ls takes only about 11 seconds.

- Viktors Berstis

Kamil Dudka wrote:
On Thursday, May 2, 2019 12:03:31 AM CEST Viktors Berstis wrote:
When running "ls" or "ls -U" on a windows directory containing 50000
files, ls takes forever.  Something seems to be highly inefficient in there.
Could you please try it with ls -U -1?


This is for the 64 bit version build 4/20/2005 11:41AM.  The exe size is
180736 bytes.


- Viktors Berstis

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