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bug#29055: A little bug in bash to win10

From: Allan Jensen
Subject: bug#29055: A little bug in bash to win10
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2017 16:56:55 +0100

When i use the instruction tail -f filename
it stops after 10 lines and givs error message ( in Danish )

tail:ukendt filsystemtype ox53464846 for ´ALL_2017_10.TXT´.
rapporter venlig dette til address@hidden går over til gentagene

And continues to do what is expected.
File type is TXT (aski ) size of file is abaut 2.8 MB ( starting from 0
bytes after a month.)
Number 0x53464846 is the same eacht time i start my Script.

Hope this is useful !

All the best.

Allan Jensen
Gårdager 17

Tlf 045 42 74 40 68

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