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bug#28890: Painfully slow: DU.exe -Ssb %CD%

From: Gavin Holt
Subject: bug#28890: Painfully slow: DU.exe -Ssb %CD%
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 13:12:25 +0100


I am trying to use cmd batch file to list the size of all directories
in my roaming user profile - so I an clean it out.

DU.exe works well and gives me the exact output I want - the sum of
the size of the files in each directory EXCLUDING subdirectories. e.g.

P:\MyPrograms\EDITORS\Scite>du -Ssb %CD%
2641767 P:\MyPrograms\EDITORS\Scite

P:\MyPrograms\EDITORS\Scite\tools>du -Ssb %CD%
8834439 P:\MyPrograms\EDITORS\Scite\tools

I would use a for loop to iterate over all the directories, but
testing with a single directory shows this command to be painfully

Is there any way to optimize the DU function or an alternative you can
suggest that gives the identical output.

I did read the link below - but the output is not what I wanted.


Kind Regards


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