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bug#28846: Maybe a bug in "sort (GNU coreutils) 8.4" report

From: Pádraig Brady
Subject: bug#28846: Maybe a bug in "sort (GNU coreutils) 8.4" report
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2017 16:36:41 -0700
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On 15/10/17 01:03, Tree Big wrote:
> Dear coreutils :
> I am a Research and Development Engineer in IT. I met a situation when I
> use “sort” command in Linux shell which could be a bug for the "sort"
> command. So I hope you read this email, thank you !
> The whole command I used was :
> *sort test.txt*
> *And the result was :*
> 20171012|3|2059517|-|8|-|20-24|2|-|2.0|2.0
> 20171012|3|2059517|-|82|-|25-29|2|-|13.0|12.0
> 20171012|3|2059517|-|8|-|-2|-2|-|71.0|64.0
> 20171012|3|2059517|-|82|-|30-34|0|-|2.0|1.0

Since at least field 5 is variable width
you can't so a simple sort on the whole line.
I'm not sure exactly what field order you want
but you'll want something like:

  sort -t'|' -k1,1 -k5,5n


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