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bug#28763: docbug (stat -t): missing field names in docs(manpage) for 's

From: L A Walsh
Subject: bug#28763: docbug (stat -t): missing field names in docs(manpage) for 'stat -t'
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2017 12:52:03 -0700
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Assaf Gordon wrote:

On 2017-10-09 12:59 PM, L A Walsh wrote:
I typed stat -t to look at the terse form of 'stat', and see
a bunch of numbers -- but nowhere do I see what those numbers
are suppose to be (i.e. they aren't documented in the manpage
and they obviously aren't the same as what is in the non-terse display).

The "--terse" format is documented in the info manual,
available either with "info stat" or online [1].
        Not in mine.


Note that it has two output formats, one for filesystems (when using
"-f") and the other for file/directories.

This is a (somewhat) recent addition by Bernhard Voelker
in 2014 [2] , so if you have coreutils version 8.23 or older installed,
it might not appear in the local "info" manual.
        According to the 'info' page, I have version:

GNU coreutils 8.26.18-5e871      January 2017                          STAT(1)

So I don't see it there either

Though, if it isn't in the manpage, it's not very easy to
find since stat is a gnu-only format that requires arcane
knowledge to use and navigate.

Perhaps it's worth mentioning in the help-screen/man-page that the
full format is available in info/online ? What do others think?
Why not put it in the manpage?

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