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bug#22568: "grep ... | tee file" drops the 'n' in its output

From: oldefoxx
Subject: bug#22568: "grep ... | tee file" drops the 'n' in its output
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2016 15:41:49 -0600
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Odd problem. Seems to be partly tied to when IFS=\n is used for handling read statements. Can't find a way around it that works reliably, so forced to use
    grep  ... > file; cat file
    grep ... >> tmp; cat tmp; cat tmp >> file; rm tmp

Not near as clean and elegant, and is always after the act, not during it.

I tried variances on several comands like cat, list, echo, and tee is really quite unique in what it does. A simple concept, but a great tool for what it accomplishes.

Donald Darden

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