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bug#20678: new bug that Paul "asked" for... grep -P aborts on non-utf8 i

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: bug#20678: new bug that Paul "asked" for... grep -P aborts on non-utf8 input.
Date: Wed, 27 May 2015 15:24:03 -0700
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Paul Eggert wrote:
On 05/27/2015 02:41 PM, L. A. Walsh wrote:
*** file = libvtkUtilitiesPythonInitializer-pv4.2.so.1
grep: invalid UTF-8 byte sequence in input

This looks like you're using an old version of libpcre, or of grep. I can't reproduce the problem with the latest stable versions of both (libpcre 8.37, grep-2.21). I can find similar problems if I use old libpcre.

ok... ARG -- I just installed the new version of grep from
my distro (suse13.2) -- grep-2.20-2.4.1.x86_64

I think they'll be out with a new distro release in about
a year...(yes, I can probably build my own...like I have
to with a growing body of Software) -- something that has
gotten me in trouble with my distro at times when I've caught
them locking different pieces of software to specific libraries (not >== xxx but "==")... grrr...I could acknowledge their point that most people wouldn't bother rebuilding all the perl modules if they upgraded perl... but that's
not *everyone*!...sigh.

coreutils isn't as stable as it used to be (not entirely the
CU-devel team either: I've caught suse's hand in 1-2)...

Just ran into problems in their new gvim & sudo -- I think
the sudo prob is the sudo-dev team...but the gvim I filed
a bug on in previous version... guess it didn't get fixed.

Filing bugs more often than not is a big waste of time.
*grump* *grump*...


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