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bug#16168: uniq mis-handles UTF8 (8bit) characters

From: Pádraig Brady
Subject: bug#16168: uniq mis-handles UTF8 (8bit) characters
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 17:33:23 +0000
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tag 16168 notabug
close 16168

On 12/16/2013 01:50 PM, Shlomo Urbach wrote:
> Lines with CJK letters are deemed equal by length only, since the
> characters seem to be ignored.
> I understand this is due to locale.
> But, it would be nice if a simple flag would do a locale-free comparison
> (i.e. equal = all bytes are equal).

If you want to compare byte by byte:

LC_ALL=C uniq ....


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