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bug#14555: Facing Some problem in uniq command

From: Eric Blake
Subject: bug#14555: Facing Some problem in uniq command
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2013 10:30:25 -0600
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On 06/04/2013 06:07 AM, Shahid Hussain wrote:
> I have a file (named 'a')which contains following data.

> 9041
> 9042
> 8336

> 9041

Ouch.  Your file is not sorted.  Therefore, 9041 is NOT unique when run
through 'uniq', which only compares adjacent lines.

> And Below is the commands i am executing along with its output with
> comments.
> address@hidden config]$ uniq -d a
> 8336
> 8338

I get different results when copying and pasting from your email:
$ uniq -d a
$ uniq --version | head -n1
uniq (GNU coreutils) 8.17

Could it be you are using an older version of coreutils, and we have
fixed a bug in the meantime for how unique behaves when presented an
unsorted file?

>       1 18000
>       1 18000
> //Observe last line which is repeated with its previous line (some other
> entries are also there)but uniq command not able to find it.

One other possibility: Are you sure the whitespace is identical on every
line?  Or could you have trailing whitespace on one line but not the
other (such as a carriage return), so that the lines really are not
unique even though they appeared unique?  If so, that would explain why
_my_ uniq run counted 18000 as a duplicate, if the act of sending the
email and then me copying and pasting into a file munged the whitespace
differences away.

While I suspect that there is no bug in coreutils, I need more
information from you to confirm that claim, so I'm leaving the bug open
for now.

Eric Blake   eblake redhat com    +1-919-301-3266
Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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