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bug#9483: issue with coreutils-6.9

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: bug#9483: issue with coreutils-6.9
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 11:09:05 -0600
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Anand Anand wrote:
> Due to certain constraints I am to fix this bug within this version
> itself.  I know thats kind of lame but thats the way its reqd to be.

If you are needing to fix this in such an old version then you will
probably need to be the one to do most of the debugging work.  This
problem only affects you and no one else.  But that is the good thing
about free software.  You have all of the source code available to you
and so you are empowered and enabled to do what you need to do.  Life
is good! :-)

> I can give you more inputs on the bug right now.  While running rm
> tests as part of testsuites we have tgo run the command "rm -ir z"
> wherein user input is expected.The userinput irrespective of what is
> fed is always taken negative and always returned as
> "user_permission_denied".I triede putting in more logs and I could
> see in the function "yesno" in file yesno.c even though response
> pointed to "y" the rpmatch function was exiting with 0 return value

You did not supply very much information.  Why do you need to run the
"rm -ir z" command?  If you want to remove the directory then you
should run the rm -rf command.

Or is this in a coreutils test file?  You did not say.  If so then
what test file?  If so then what was the output of the test file?  You
did not say.

"Permission denied" is a completely different problem from 'rm -i' not
taking 'y' or 'n'.  It is unrelated.  Do not confuse the two problems.

Perhaps you have created a directory hierarchy with directories that
are not writable.  If so then this is not a bug in rm.  If so then you
will first need to make the directories writable.

Command to make all directories below the '.' directory writable by
the user owning the directory.  This might be useful to you.

  find . -type d -exec chmod u+rwx {} +


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