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bug#9321: repeated segfaults sorting large files in 8.12

From: Andras Salamon
Subject: bug#9321: repeated segfaults sorting large files in 8.12
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 22:03:10 +0100
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On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 08:31:46AM +0200, Jim Meyering wrote:
As Pádraig already mentioned, most useful would be instructions
showing how to reproduce the failure, even if part of that is something
like "run this command 30 times" to provoke the rare failure.

I'm seeing roughly 1 in 5 failures with the larger runs.

Have you reproduced the problem on more than one system?
If not, have you recently run any tests of your system's hardware?
It would be a shame to invest a lot of debugging effort,
if it ends up being a hardware problem with one specific system.

Good point, thanks for the suggestion.  I hope to have access next
week to a different system with enough free space to try to reproduce.
Will run some hardware tests in the meantime.

-- Andras Salamon                   address@hidden

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