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bug#9250: Bug "chmod"

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: bug#9250: Bug "chmod"
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 11:03:13 -0600
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daniela landi wrote:
> I dual boot   BT5 & XP-pro,notebook "Acer Aspire 7520G".
> Until now, the functionality of BT was good, but today it was not possible
> to run "chmod" (I wanted to install Nvidia graphics driver-Linux) to "help"
> is qu <esto bugs:
> <Each MODE is of the form `[ugoa ]*([-+=]([ rwxXst] * | [ugo ]))+'>.

Thanks for the report but this is almost certainly not a bug in chmod
but instead more likely a localized problem with your installation or
usage.  If chmod didn't work at all then it would not have worked for
you ever previously.

Your report appears to have been mangled on the way from you to us.  I
can't quite understand what you are trying to say.

Please show us an example chmod invocation that is causing the problem
and also the output it produces.  We will need to see it exactly.

  $ chmod a+r,ug-w somefile
  chmod: cannot access `somefile': No such file or directory

Please show us what version of chmod you are using.  For this it is
best to ask chmod itself with the --version option.  In this case only
the first line is needed.

  $ chmod --version
  chmod (GNU coreutils) 8.5


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