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bug#8079: rm command problem/suggestion

From: Luca Daniel
Subject: bug#8079: rm command problem/suggestion
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 03:20:24 +0200

Hi there :-)
I have o problem and an suggestion :
1) The problem: I can't find an easy way to remove a type of file through
all sub-directories with GNU tool "rm" (remove). There is not an option to
search through all sub-folders , only in the current working directory. Back
when I used windows this was easy with the command : del /s *.pdf   .
2) The suggestion : please make an option for the "rm" command to look in
sub-directories so it can be easier to use and increase functionality .
I asked some people about this problem I have and the answer I got was not
pretty in the sense that it was not a pretty command  =)  . I can't remember
what is was because it was complicated (mixed with locate or find) and this
is the problem ... it should be simple . So please give this a thought :) .
I am an exclusive GNU/Linux user and all I miss from windoze is the
simplicity of a simple command or switch .
I found this e-mail in the man pages so I hope a don't bother anyone with my
message as for this is not a bug, only a feature that I wish to see
implemented sometime in the future.
If there is a way to do it with only "rm" or a simple command and I missed
it please reply , I would be grateful .

Thank you.

Luca Daniel.

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