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bug#7738: Some advice needed

From: Jens Gunnarsson
Subject: bug#7738: Some advice needed
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2010 17:24:34 +0000

Good day.
Dont know if this is bug, or me.

Installed Ubuntu Notbok on my laptop to try it out.
Planing of getting new laptop, and not having it with Windows.
I am not much of a computer man.  Mainly user.
>From beginning just learned enough working with Dos to get by.
Now looking at, possibility of playing old games, was getting Dosbox
(installed and works)  and following Ubuntu instructions, how to get it to

In my line of work, i spend months at a time with out internet, on board a
ship, so passing time playing the old games looks appealing.  Reson I want
to give Ubuntu thurough test before I purchase new machine with that as the
only OS.

Came to a standstill when creating new directory.  Next 3 lines are copy
from terminal, of what happened.

address@hidden:~$ mkdir ~/dos/c
mkdir: cannot create directory `/home/jens/dos/c': No such file or directory

Link to Ubuntu instruction page.  ://help.ubuntu.com/community/DOSBox

If you could advice me, of what I am doing wrong.

Best regards.
Jens Gunnarsson

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