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bug#7715: cp command on Linux

From: Hemant Rumde
Subject: bug#7715: cp command on Linux
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 16:07:20 -0500


I do not log any bug for cp command. In our company, we copy huge Cobol
files before processing data. This is to rollback our data files. 
Suppose A1 is my huge file of 60GB and A1.bk is its backup file, before
we process ( change ) data into A1. Then which of our method
would be faster?

1. Method-1 ( A1.bk exists ) 
    $ cp  A1 A1.bk 

2. Method-2  
    $ rm -f A1.bk 
    $ cp A1 A1.bk 

3. Method-3 
    $ cp --remove-destination A1 A1,bk 

This operation is very simple. But our operators tell, in some cases cp
takes longer time. How can we reduce copying time?

Hemant Rumde 
Boston US


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