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bug#7612: cp -pu NTFS problem

From: Garry Trethewey
Subject: bug#7612: cp -pu NTFS problem
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 16:11:58 +1030
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On 11/12/10 15:50, Paul Eggert wrote:
That looks like bug 7529 (aka bug 605639).
Please try this patch:



1) I can see the difference
-                for (a /= res; a % 10 != 0; a /= 10)
+                for (a /= res; a % 10 == 0; a /= 10)
but I'm just not that clever to apply a patch.

2) I touch'ed a dest file so it's got tomorrow's date, and cp -p still copies to it, although not updating (downdating?) it's timestamp.

3) I also put the story on http://tuxera.com/forum/ as address@hidden asked, so I spose address@hidden is not now the place to look.

Must admit I haven't done all this before, so I don't want to put something stupid all over the world.

Garry Trethewey

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